11 Mookata Spots in Penang that You Shouldn’t Missed Out

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Mookata is originated from Thailand. It means pork skillet in Thai. In general, it is a combination of Korean BBQ and Chinese hotpot. In other words, you can grill and cook your favourite food on a 2-in-1 pan. Struggling in choosing BBQ or steamboat? Why not have both together? Check out these 11 mookata spots in Penang! 

  1. Bangkok Garden

Bangkok Garden offers Thai steamboat at a very reasonable price. The set includes basic mookata items such as meat, meatballs and green. Bangkok Garden BBQ is not air-conditioned but you may enjoy the sea breeze while enjoying the food.

  1. MOO – Kata Village Original Thai BBQ Steamboat

This popular mookata spot is located at Butterworth. It is a great place for gathering and amazing food. For instance, each pot comes with a set that has meats and vegetables together. Meanwhile, the overall price is pretty reasonable.

  1. Mookata Thai Traditional BBQ Steamboat (1997 Restaurant) 满窝大
mookata 11 Mookata Spots in Penang that You Shouldn’t Missed Out Mookata Thai Traditional BBQ Steamboat 1997 Restaurant

This mookata is located in a coffee shop. Nothing fancy, but you can just chill and grill. This neighbourhood mookata is very popular among Penangites. In addition, the price is very wallet-friendly. 

  1. Prik Ki Nu

Prik Ki Nu not only offers charcoal-heated Mookata, but also traditional Thai barbecue as well as Chinese-style hotpots. In addition, their signature dishes such as Grill Thai Salted Fish, Thai Naam Sausage and Deep-Fried Chilli Fish are must-try items too. 

  1. Rim Tha Non Mookata

This is yet another popular spot for mookata. Rim Tha Non serves a variety of fresh ingredients for the steamboat. It is one of the best places to enjoy grilled pork slices, fresh hotpot and call it a night.

  1. SiamLoh Mookata 小泰锅

SiamLoh Mookata previously was known as Sawadeekrap Mookata. It has now moved to Jalan Bukit Dumbar. The set meals are very valuable as they come with a variety of fresh ingredients. Furthermore, it’s also a great place for friends and family gatherings.

  1. Sun Village Mookata Buffet & Catering Buffet 阳城泰式烧烤自助餐

This is an outdoor mookata buffet located at Pahang Road. The Thai steamboat uses charcoal, hence, the food is more delicious. Besides, the fish head soup broth is highly recommended. Meanwhile, the price is reasonable too.

  1. Tao Kae Noi 小老板泰式火锅

At Tao Kae Noi, you can grill the meat together with a piping hot broth steamboat. It is located at Siam Road. This is a great place for charcoal mookata, even late at night. Moreover, the price is at average level. Hence, it’s quite popular among the younger generation. 

  1. Tha Chang Mookata & Seafood
Posted by Tha Chang Mookata Seafood on Monday, 6 July 2020

Tha Chang is located at Gurney Drive. Besides the authentic mookata, they also serve Thai food such as Stir Fried Basil with Minced Pork, Moo Ping and more. One of their specialities is the “cheese ring” that is quite similar with Korean BBQ.

  1. Thai Palace Mookata 小泰阁

It is the most Instagrammable mookata restaurant in town. It’s interior is inspired by Bangkok double-decker seating. They packed plenty of wooden furniture into a climbing frame-like arrangement whereby diners sit above one another. Moreover, they offer a variety of steamboat ingredients. 

  1. The Pink Elephant Thai BBQ & Steamboat

The Pink Elephant is located at Karpal Singh Drive. It is buffet-style mookata where you can enjoy a variety of fresh ingredients at an affordable price. Remember to try out their signature marinated pork slice because the sauce is homemade with a secret recipe.

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