14 Spots for Croissant in Penang

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A croissant is a crescent shaped roll made with yeast-risen dough. The dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times, then rolled into a thin sheet with the technique called laminating. Penang doesn’t lack places for flaky, crispy texture croissants. Here, we have compiled 14 Spots for Croissant in Penang.

  1. Black Kettle Cafe

Black Kettle Cafe serves a high standard cuisine. Meanwhile, it’s a cozy place to hang out. Besides, they also serve artisan breads and pastries that are freshly baked on a daily basis. Their croissants are hand crafted and are highly recommended.

  1. Continental Bakery

Continental Bakery is a heaven for fresh bread and pastries. It is famous for baking fresh and healthy loaves and buns. Their croissants are fresh and hot from the oven. The butter croissants have a crusty texture and it’s one of the best-sellers. So, make sure to go early or else you’re going to miss it.

  1. Four Leaves Bakery

Four Leaves Bakery provides innovative and quality bread. They offer all sorts of bread and cakes from Mini Buns to Dry Items and Packaged Sandwiches. Moreover, their croissants are freshly baked and could be an alternative for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack.

  1. Hazukido Queensbay Mall

Hazukido is a popular Taiwanese croissant chain. It insists on the Shokunin spirit of Japan while making croissants. The main highlight of their croissants is the exclusive folding technique which creates a crispy outer layer and soft inner layer. Besides, they offer a variety of fillings and toppings of croissants. For instance, Milk Caramel Croissant, Custard Croissant, Lemon Icing Croissant and more.

  1. La France Café Boulangerie

La France Cafe offers cheap and affordable yet quality French cuisine in Penang. It is an authentic French bakery cafe in town. They offer a wide range of traditional French pastries. For instance, Croissant Nature, Croissant Apple & Raisins, Pain Au Chocolat Almond, and more.  

  1. La Vie en Rose Pâtisserie

They specialise in Madeleine (French Butter Cakes). Meanwhile, they also offer a variety of French pastries and sweet treats. For instance, make sure you try their flaky and buttery Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, and Tiramisu.

  1. Le Petit Four Pâtisserie

This is another cafe that offers authentic French pastries. In fact, the founder of Le Petit Four is a Le Cordon Bleu (a world renowned network of educational institutions that provides the highest level of culinary and hospitality programmes) graduate. Their croissants are definitely one of the best one in Penang. Besides, remember to try their scone and Chocolate Cointreau too.   

  1. Myarte Cafe

Myarte Cafe is a coffee-based eatery located at Bishop Street. They are famous for the Japanese Raindrop Mochi. However, you may also enjoy a small selection of breakfast, pastry, sandwiches and lunch. In addition, they handcraft the croissants every morning.  

  1. Rainforest Bakery
Posted by Rainforest Bakery on Sunday, 29 March 2020

Rainforest Bakery specialises in healthy handmade bread and pastries. They also try their very best to use preservative free ingredients for all their products. Their croissants are worth mentioning especially their Chocolate Croissant. Furthermore, you can enjoy your croissants at the Mugshot Cafe which is just located beside the bakery.  

  1. Sin Seh Kai Artisan Bakery

Sin Seh Kai Artisan Bakery is a micro-artisan bakery located at the heart of Penang. Breads and pastries are baked fresh in small batches daily. Besides selling bread, they also offer brunch menu that include a variety of choices such as Classic Sourdough, Vietnamnese Baguette, and of course, Croissants.

  1. SiTigun Cafe

Considered as one of the pioneer cafes in Penang, SiTigun Cafe serves amazing croissants. Their croissants come with various dressings such as butter and jam, bacon, cream cheese, scrambled egg and smoked salmon. It is one of the best places for authentic coffee and croissants.

  1. TE AmOR

TE AmOR Bakery is located at Anson Road. It is one of the best bakeries in Penang. By using 100% imported pure butter and natural ingredients, TE AmOR bakes daily in order to control the quality of their products. They offer a wide range of bread and pastries such as Croissant, Cinnamon Roll, Wholemeal Bread and more.

  1. The Baking Garage

The Baking Garage is one of the artisan bakeries in Penang. It is a wholesale artisan bakery located at Tanjung Bungah specialised in producing and supplying traditional artisanal breads. They produce fresh and handcrafted European bread from scratch. Moreover, they only sold 200 pieces of their signature croissants daily to ensure the freshness.

  1. The Maker

The Maker serves aesthetically pleasing desserts and pastries. It is under the same care as &Dolce. In fact, you may enjoy a wide range of desserts and pastries at affordable prices and a comfortable space. Not to forget to mention, their Cream Cheese Croissant is quite impressive.

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