14 Tong Shui Places in Penang

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The most ideal meal is to have Tong Shui after your main course. Especially when you want to keep the conversation flowing for the rest of the night, Tong Shui place is the best choice. Check out these 14 Tong Shui Places in Penang that could fix your sweet cravings. 

  1. All About Sugar & Gift 团团圆圆汤圆甜品屋

This is one of the most well-known Tong Shui spots in Penang. If you’re a Tang Yuan lover, you will definitely be familiar with this place. They specialise in serving traditional Tang Yuan. In addition, their Tang Yuan comes with a variety of flavours and fillings.

  1. Ca Cart Cafe 木头车

Ca Cart Cafe is a Hong Kong style cafe. Besides their signatures Honeydew Sago and Mango Sago, they are also serving main dishes. For instance, Braised Pork Noodle, Pat Pao Chicken and more.

  1. Ding Xiang Tong Sui 鼎香糖水
tong shui 14 Tong Shui Places in Penang Ding Xiang Tong Sui 1024x756

Ding Xiang was started as a biscuit house. Then, one corner of the place has been converted into a Tong Sui corner. They offer a range of desserts at an affordable price. For instance, their signature Ding Xiang Taro Ball with Soya, Four-Kind Soya Soup, and Match Pudding Ice. 

  1. Hoe Hock Tien Tang Yen 槟城和福甜汤圆

This authentic Tang Yen stall has existed for more than 80 years. It is now a fourth-generation business. They say, old is gold. And yes, they are serving simple glutinous rice balls at their best.

  1. Hutton Lane 糖水小铺
Posted by 糖水小铺 on Friday, 5 June 2020

This restaurant is located within the residential area around Sungai Dua and USM. They are serving desserts such as Bubur Chacha, Peanut Paste, Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream and more. Besides, they also offer main dishes such as Tom Yam Maggie, Seafood Fried Rice and more.

  1. Kimberly Street Dessert Old Time Delight Shop 汕头街养生糖水铺
tong shui 14 Tong Shui Places in Penang Kimberly Street Dessert Old Time Delight Shop 780x1024

Kimberly Street is considered as a heaven street for local food. Hence, it caters for all needs including dessert. This shop is a great place to enjoy traditional desserts. It is indeed one of the favourite places to hang out with your friends while enjoying your favourite sweet soup.

  1. Mommy Irene

Mommy Irene is a place where you can get Cantonese-styled desserts cooked over charcoal fire. Located in Farlim’s neighbourhood, their signatures are Durian Mung Bean Dessert and Beancurd Sheet Barley Dessert. Moreover, they also serve main dishes such as Bee Hoon and Porridge.  

  1. MOMO 某某糖水铺

This dessert spot is located at Bukit Mertajam. Their spring rolls and curry fish balls are highly recommended. Besides, they also offer a wide range of desserts that could satisfy your taste buds. For instance, make sure you try their Brown Sugar Ginger Soup with Tang Yuan, Walnut Peanut Paste and more. 

  1. Pin Wu Dessert 品屋

Although their choices are limited, their desserts are definitely worth a revisit! Pin Wu serves a range of Chinese style desserts such as Creamy Black Sesame & Peanut Soup, Ai Yu Jelly Ice, and more. Furthermore, they also serve some snacks such as Lotus Paste Pancake, French Fries and more.

  1. Shan Jie Dessert House 姗姐甜品屋

The interior of Shan Jie Dessert House is very simple without air-conditioners. But the prices are wallet-friendly and allow you to enjoy some mouth-watering desserts. Of all the choice of desserts here, QQ Mochi Ice is very special and impressive. It is Mochi and black sesame topping on a bowl of shaved ice.

  1. Sweet-I Dessert House 甜在心糖水屋
Posted by Penang Sweet-I Dessert House on Thursday, 30 April 2020

Sweet-I Dessert House uses healthy ingredients in crafting their desserts. For instance, the ingredients include gingko nuts, wolfberries, and so on. Hence, their desserts are healthy and less sweetened. Some of their best-sellers include Yuan Yang Paste, Black Glutinous Rice Congee and more.

  1. Tian MiMi Dessert Shop 甜蜜蜜糖水铺

Tucked in the residential area at Taman Lip Sin, Tian MiMi offers both hot and cold desserts. For instance, Bee Koh Moi, creamy Gandum, Ai Yu Jelly and more. Besides, they also offer Nasi Lemak and Creamy Peanut Paste recently. 

  1. Tim Choi Sam Dessert 甜在心

This is one of the editor’s favourite Tong Sui joints in Penang. The texture of their Tang Yuan is very chewy. Moreover, the Tang Yuan comes in a handful of flavours such as gula melaka with ginger and pandan with ginger. Besides, don’t forget to try out their sago gula melaka, as well as mango pomelo sago too.

  1. Tong Sui Po 糖水铺

Tong Sui Po is a humble shop for the best tong sui in town. They offer more than 10 types of home cooked Chinese style desserts. Their signature hot Tong Sui are Black Glutinous Rice, Creamy Peanut Soup, and Yin Yang. Meanwhile, not forgetting their cold Tong Sui such as Sago Gula Melaka and Mango Pomelo Sago with Ice Cream. 

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