20 Ice Cream Spots to Check Out in Penang

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Sometimes all you need is just desserts when you’re stressed. We know cendol and fresh coconut water may be perfect during the hot weather. But, no matter ice cream, sorbet, gelato or soft serve, there must be something that would satisfy your sweet tooth! Check out these 20 spots for a nice sweet treat in Penang!

  1. Coko Ice Cream

Chocolate is the main ingredient in most of Coko’s desserts. Coko Ice Cream offers more than a dozen different flavours to choose from. Their signatures are Lavender & Earl Grey, Matag Coconut with Pandan Sorbet, and Double Fold Chocolate.

  1. Creameal Handcrafted Ice Cream

Creameal serves their own homemade ice cream with playfulness and creative flavours. You may also dig in some ice cream with their crispy-airy waffles too. Besides, the eatery also serves Western dishes and espresso-based coffee.

  1. Rabbit Softserve

Rabbit Softserve insists on serving softserve ice cream in new and inventive ways through a mix of fun flavours, toppings and more. Their offerings rotate, and hence, every visit is different.

  1. TFros Ice Cream

The special here is their Muffle, a combination of muffin and waffle. In other words, it’s muffin in the shape of a waffle.TFros Ice Cream’s signatures include Passion Fruit & Lemon Curd, Rose & French Vanilla, Pulut Hitam, Black Doris Plum etc.

  1. Rollney

Instead of the regular biscuit cone, Rollney uses Hungarian spiral-like sweet bread, Kurtos Kalacs to serve its soft serve. Their Kurtos Kalacs are freshly baked and you can choose from caramel, cinnamon and coconut. Meanwhile, the flavours available for their soft serve are matcha and vanilla.

  1. The Ais

The Ais is a humble family owned business that supplies and sells homemade ice cream. The liquor ice cream such as Rum & Raisins, Red Wine Cranberry, and Nutella Guiness are some of the must-try flavours. Besides, they also offer kefir and cold press juices. 

  1. Fourspoons Dessert Cafe

Fourspoons Dessert Cafe is located at Icon City, Bukit Mertajam. Their soft serve is homemade and best paired with the crispy waffles. Furthermore, their best sellers of ice cream are Black Sesame and Matcha.

  1. Fruitmade Penang

Fruitmade is a humble little stall that sells fresh fruit juice and smoothies. Its soft serve topped with mouth-watering fruits is not only for cooling purposes. In addition, it is very instagrammable too.

  1. Frosley Galaxyto

The name Frosley, is derived from the word “Frozen” and “Morley”. It is a gelato brand available in Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters. The choices of flavour include Vanilla Brownie, Frank’s Brew, Ferrero Rocher, Lemon Sorbet and more.

  1. Ludwig Softserve

The signature of Ludwig Softserve is its beautifully-coloured soft serve topped with a generous amount of toppings. Besides, it is also an Insta-worthy spot. The must try flavour is Sea Salt.

  1. Mama-Miya Coconut Ice Cream

Although coconut ice cream originated from Thailand, it is one of the favourite ice creams among Penangites. Mama-Miya Coconut Ice Cream focuses on homemade coconut ice cream. 

  1. Maxim Cake House

Besides cakes and bread, Maxim Cake House is also well-known for its gelato. The flavours available include Caffe Espresso, Oreo, Kitkat, Biscotto, French Vanilla and more.

  1. Merry Me

Merry Me is famous for their “Malaysian-influenced flavoured ice cream”. In other words, the flavours available are Gula Melaka, Teh Tarik, Tau Sar Pneah, and Salted Egg Cookies ice cream.

  1. Nippy Gelato

Nippy Gelato is a gelato stall that is located inside Macallum Connoisseurs. It offers tasty artisan and natural ice creams and sorbets. In fact, the gelato is made based on authentic recipes from the Italian desserts.

  1. Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is located in Queensbay Mall. The speciality is that they hand roll all of the ice cream offerings. One of their must try flavours is Thai Milk Tea. Remember to put a finishing touch on it with some toppings.

  1. Godiva

Godiva’s soft serve ice cream is quite a hit around the world. Its chocolates are so good that there’s no need for much introduction. Godiva Chocolatier’s soft serve is available in three flavours, which are Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Twist, and Vanilla White Chocolate.

  1. The Craftisan

The Craftisan offers great handcrafted soft serve with a wide range of unique flavours. Some of their must-try flavours include their signature tea-infused Tie Kuan Yin, matcha, coconut, and durian.  

  1. The Safe Room

The Safe Room serves their handcrafted ice cream with premium ingredients using liquid nitrogen. There are a variety of flavours such as Salted Caramel Coffee, Fresh Mango, and Cookies & Cream.

  1. Urban Artisan

Urban Artisan is best known for its double flavour combos served in a cone or cup. The flavours of their ice cream are mostly seasonal, nevertheless as diverse as matcha green tea and black sesame.

  1. Yun

Yun is a minimalist ice cream cafe that specialises in homemade gelato. The available flavours are Houjicha, French Earl Grey, and Wild Berries Yogurt. Moreover, the Boba Cup Gelato is their customers’ favourite.

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