25 Most Popular Photos of 2020 from @KualaLumpurCity Instagram

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Throughout the years, we have wonderful contributors and collaborators whom we have featured their photos of Kuala Lumpur in one of our social media portfolio @KualaLumpurCity. While we love to feature so many amazing photos from 2020, but we just have to limit ourselves to select the 25 popular ones.

Let us begin with the alleys that made to the list. The alleys of Jalan Alor has proven that it is a popular site as two of our photos by Desy Wulandari and @kdkonah are among the popular ones in our feeds. These alleys at Jalan Alor used to be dark, gloomy and dangerous. You wouldn’t feel safe to walk pass through these lanes especially during the night time. But it has now changed since a couple of years ago. It has turned into a colourful, clean alleys with its colourful street arts on the buildings. The used to be lonely alleys has become an instagram-worthy spot with tourists and locals loves to spend time passing by. The good vibes that it generates brightens up the city. And if you’re feeling adventurous, walk further towards the Bukit Bintang area, and you’ll find more.

A beautiful overall view of the Federal Territory Mosque captured with a drone by Aereon Wong. The mosque, located near to the MATRADE Complex in the Segambut district was constructed between 1998 and 2000. The concept of the design is a blend of Ottoman and Malay architectural styles with 22 domes made from composite material of glass fibre fabric mixed with epoxy resin.

McDonald’s chain has come creative by localising the way we address the fast food restaurant in Malaysia, Mekdi (pronunciation for McD). It was done during the National day celebration, where we feel it is a sign that food unites everyone. This is the store front photo of the McDonald’s in Kuala Lumpur by @capture.by.a

In conjunction with the National Day celebration, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall displayed the national flag, Jalur Gemilang on the digital screen throughout the whole building. Adib Pouzi and Patrick recorded the patriotic moments in photo for us to enjoy.

For those who are visiting Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers is always a must-see sight and it is also a must-post photo for many Instagrammers. Hence, the towers are one of the favourite photos for in our Instagram feeds.

This very spot at the centre of Kuala Lumpur city has been a favourite spot for photographers. A place where we can view the bustling vibes of the city with its traffic and pedestrians walking around. The ‘Kuala Lumpur 2017’ wordings on the the street marks the 2017 Southeast Asian Games that were hosted by Malaysia. Since then, there are significant number of Instagrammers showcasing the different scenes at the same spot. This specific one is captured by @ishakmaidin_nk

The city vibes and skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur makes an exciting elements for photos. Some of the more significant tall buildings and structures such as the PNB 118, Saloma pedestrian bridge, The Exchange 106, Merdeka Stadium and Kuala Lumpur Tower have made our most popular list. These few are snapped by Adam Eusoff, Fariz Baron, Lexie, Matthew Ee, Jia Le, Alif Hakeem, Syam Huzairie, Pasquale Di Pilato, @raxyziq, Abir Abhar

If you drive further towards Gombak, there is a famous spot not only to Hindu devotees but many tourists who comes to Malaysia. The Batu Caves temple indeed is a place where you just have to visit. The staircase which is painted with rainbow colours is an amazing background for your Instagram photos. Watch the view from the top that gives you an amazing overall outlook of the steps towards the caves which is captured by Adrian. There is also another favourite photo of Batu Caves featuring the inner part by Pit Efendy.

Central Market is not only attractive with its local handcrafted products. The huge ‘Wau’ or Malaysian traditional kite sculpture is a significant feature along the century-old market in the city. Used to be a wet market in its early beginnings, it has then subsequently converted into a building that sells Malaysian handcrafted items. @nas.hamzah’s photo of the Central Market features the beautiful Wau sculpture.

Retail stores does not only have to sell good products in this modern era, they need to have a good display and Instagram-worthy corners as well. We have a couple of amazing bookstores in the city including this photo by Timmy Lo.

We had the opportunity to feature some modern and colourful architecture such as the Spacerubix, a community centre located at Puchong. Jason Chew captured an overall outlook of the colourful building from outside.

It would be normal for us to snap and have amazing photos around the city, but there is one that not many would have the opportunity to experience. AcahStreet manage to let us witness the underground works of the MRT when it is still in progress.

That is one long list for us to curate to usher a great year ahead. We hope that more collaborators, Instagrammers and photographers will join our community to feature amazing photos of more different cities.

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