6 Pet Cafes To Visit In Penang If You’re a Furry Lover

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If you’re an animal lover, coffee addict, or both, then we are on the same page. Here are 6 pet cafes in Penang which allow both you and your furry kid to chill at the same time. Save this article if you would like to hang out with some four-legged companions while enjoying a cup of good coffee.

  1. Bark & Bean Pet Cafe

Bark & Bean is home to Pomeranians and Corgis. It is located next to a pet grooming salon and store, The Fox Butler. In addition, Bark & Bean is noteworthy for their beverages. So, you can enjoy a good drink and be surrounded with lovely dogs.

  1. Corgi & The Gang Pet Cafe

Corgi & The Gang Pet Cafe houses a few charming resident dogs such as Corgi, Poodles and Huskies. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner together with your dog. Besides, it also features its own pet store, pet grooming and hotel too.

  1. De Ralph Mansion

De Ralph Mansion is considered as a new Husky cafe in Penang that all dog lovers must visit. It houses over 30 dogs. Hence, it’s providing dog lovers a Dog Tsunami experience. The huge wave of adorable dogs will take place twice daily, at 2pm and 6.30pm respectively. Nevertheless, you may enjoy western dishes consisting of pasta to finger food.

  1. John’s Getaway

John’s Getaway is a pet-friendly cafe. You can enjoy lunch or dinner together with your pooch. Besides, they also offer dog menu and free water for four-legged guests. Hence, you can spend a good time here with a number of in-house doggies.

  1. Pet Amazon

Pet Amazon is famous for its exclusive dog pool. They also offer a pet cafe which allows you to have a tea break while your pet gets some pampering. In addition, Pet Amazon also provides grooming services and boarding services too. 

  1. Wag N Romp Cafe

In this small pet cafe, you will be surrounded with Afghan Hound, Golden Retriever, Toy Poodle, Dachshund and Pomernian. You may also enjoy coffee, cake, waffle and pasta while spending your time with these doggies.

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