8 Mala Xiang Guo in Penang That Spicy Lovers Should Know

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There was a sudden rise of Mala hot pot restaurants in Penang in 2019. Besides steamboats, Mala Xiang Guo has been making waves on social media platforms too. The speciality of these Mala hot pot restaurants is that you can pick any of your desired ingredients. Moreover, you can also choose the spiciness from little to wild according to your own preference. For those who love the feeling of spicy and numb, save this list for your reference! 

  1. Full Xiang Spicy Hotpot 福相麻辣香锅

Full Xiang Spicy Hotpot is one of the most successful chains in Taiwan. It is now launched in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. Like most of the Mala hot pot restaurants, Full Xiang also allows you to choose your own ingredients from the display fridge. Furthermore, you can select your desired spiciness level from Level 1 to Level 7.

Address 1: Queensbay Mall, 100-3F-03B, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Address 2: Gurney Plaza, Gurney Dr, 10250 George Town, Penang

  1. Mala Xiang Guo 无辣不欢

无辣不欢 Mala Xiang Guo at the Promenade Penang is the very first Chongqing stir fried hot pot in Penang. Just like the usual Chongqing steamboat style, you pick the ingredients you like and let the chef stir fry for you. Then, the pot is stir fried with ginger, peanuts, onions, garlic and dried chilies. Nevertheless, you are allowed to select the level of spiciness too.

Address 1: The Promenade, 5-G-33A, Persiaran Mahsuri, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Address 2: 201, Jalan Burma, 10050 George Town, Penang

  1. Na Du Spicy Wok 拿渡麻辣香锅

If you’re a big fan of Mala hot pot, you must be familiar with Na Du Spicy Wok at Karpal Singh Drive. It is a franchise brand from China and hence, the taste is very authentic. Similarly, you pick your favourite ingredients and request for the level of spiciness. Just a friendly reminder, try not to exceed the moderate level of spiciness as it’s really very spicy and numbing. 

Address: 26, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 6, George Town, 10300 George Town, Penang

  1. Smell & Spicy Food Restaurant 吃香喝辣

Smell & Spicy Food Restaurant, which is more known as its Chinese name, 吃香喝辣 is also one of our favourite Mala hot pot restaurant. Apart from Mala spicy hot pot, they also offer Mala spicy soup, fish head soup, Tomyam, Mala frog pot, Mala chicken pot, Mala seafood pot and more.

Address: 474, Jalan Jelutong, Jelutong, 11600 George Town, Penang

  1. Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo 重庆老火锅
Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo, Penang mala xiang guo 8 Mala Xiang Guo in Penang That Spicy Lovers Should Know                 1024x683

Chong Qing Lao Huo Guo does not only offer steamboat, instead dry pot, barbeque and ala carte dishes are also available. The price is rather expensive but the soup is cooked with a lot of ingredients. In addition, there are more than 30 different types of dipping sauce available.

Address: 41, Jalan Kelawai, George Town, 10250 George Town, Penang

  1. Gia Xiang Steamboat Restaurant 家乡重庆火锅

The signature of Gia Xiang Steamboat Restaurant is spicy broth, milky yam and fish broth, tomato broth, and others. However, they do not have set menu and you may only order the food by ala carte. Meanwhile, you should try out their dry and spicy hot pot too.

Address: 6, Jalan Krian, George Town, 10400 George Town, Penang

  1. Hong La Jiao 红辣椒火锅

Hong La Jiao is a famous hot pot spot that has been operating for several years. Their signature is Szechuan spicy dry hot pot. However, you can order two pots at the same time if you would like to try the soup hot pot. In addition, the restaurant provides up to 20 sauces which allow you to create your very own sauces.

Address: 190, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10350 George Town, Penang

  1. JieMei Mala Hotpot 姐妹饭馆

JieMei Mala Hotpot is the only Mala hot pot restaurant in Bukit Mertajam for now. It offers a wide range of ingredients like most of the Mala hot pot restaurants. On the other hand, the price are quite reasonable.

Address: 7, Jalan Lembah Permai 1, Taman Lembah Permai, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang

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