8 Ways to Keep Yourself Indoors by Doing Your Grocery Shopping Online

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With the dangers of Covid-19 outbreak is still out there, it is best that we try to stay indoors as much as we can. On some days you can order food deliveries, and if some days you would like to cook at home and you do not want to step out from your home to do grocery shopping, you can do it online. To a certain extend, grocery shopping might still put ourselves to some risk of the virus, or maybe we may risk of not finding what we want in the store as it is out of stock. Here are eight ways we can do our grocery shopping through the clicks of our gadgets.


Bansan Penang is the old-newbie in the E-commerce space, offering groceries directly from a third-generation farm located on Penang Island.

Their service includes providing fresh vegetables through farm-to-table within the chosen delivery date to their customers. They harvest the vegetables daily to provide vegetables to every customer at its best condition. To expand their product range, Bansan Penang also source for vegetables from other reputable suppliers.

They believe in providing families with the freshest produce from their farm through the support of their farmers. Not only do they deliver the freshest produce, but they also offer quality, peace of mind and the family bond over fresh home-cooked food.

Shop Bansan at https://bansanpenang.com/


Tesco, already a regular grocery outlet for most families in Malaysia, it is available via online shopping for quite some time already. They definitely have a variety of products to shop for, and don’t remember to look for their promotions and offers.

Shop Tesco at https://eshop.tesco.com.my/groceries/


Sunshine has been a Penang local brand name since decades ago, when it begins its store as Suiwah. It has now emerged as one of the biggest grocery stores in Penang, and moreover it offers cost-efficient products for Penangites.

Despite beginning their roots in the island of Penang, they are now delivering to mainland as well.

Shop Sunshine at https://www.sunshineonline.com.my/


If you are person who is very particular about organic foods, BMS Organics is one that offers delivery to your doorstep. With multiple chains across the nation, BMS Organics offer free shipping if you order more than RM100 and above. Not only that they offer groceries, they also sell health supplements, healthy snacks and many other organic products.

Shop BMS Organics at https://www.bmsorganics.com/


Also a healthy product store, Signature Market offers products from nuts, dried fruits, powdered beverages and many other grocery items.

Shop Signature Market at https://www.signaturemarket.co/my/marketplace/


Not exactly a store itself, Happy Fresh provides services to help you buy groceries from their selected partners. Among their partners include Tesco, Mercato, Giant, Mydin, Cold Storage, Aeon and more.

Happy Fresh serves as a personal shopper for you and makes the delivery to your doorstep.

Shop Happy Fresh at https://www.happyfresh.my/


Get fresh seafood at an affordable price at MyFishman. They offer more than 50 types of fishes from the seas around Malaysia, fresh from the fisherman.

Shop MyFishman at https://myfishman.com/


RedTick Plus is also another option for buying your grocery online and get the delivery to your doorstep. Other than the normal groceries, they also offer organic products as well.

Shop RedTick Plus at https://shop.redtick.com/

What other grocery sites to you buy online? Share with us!

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