The Scapes, exploring the best of your city.

Through the latest happening and events, to the guides and information of what is the best to have in the city, the Scapes brings you the way of living and experience in the city.

We’re not here just to tell you which eatery or store is currently opening. We spend time chatting with the founders, the employees, who’s in the scene and even the patrons. Hence, we can bring you more about the background and the stories rather than just simply reporting it.

We don’t tell you that your city has awesome places, you already know that. But we tell you what makes them great, why and how you can get the best experience out of it.

In the Scapes, we will bring you information on various topics that are worth your attention so that you can use it to live the best of the city’s elements. We cover all the basic must-knows on how to enjoy and live around the city – the best place to have an evening run, where to get beautiful houseplants, what’s worth seeing in the city and many more stories.

Basically, we cover topics from food & drinks, events & happenings, home, health, travel, sustainability and not limited to that. It’s everything else about the city and we’re extremely excited about it.


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