Authentic Thai Food That You Shouldn’t Have Missed in Penang

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Sawadeekap. Any Thai food lovers here? Thai food is one of the favorite cuisines among the locals and tourists. Without a doubt, I believe most of the Penangites couldn’t resist the harmonious blend of sweet, spicy and sour tastes. Hence, here are 10 authentic Thai food you shouldn’t have missed in Penang!

  1. Prik Ki Nu (Trengganu Road)

Prik Ki Nu means birds eye chilli in Thai. This family-run business was started at the end of 2017. It is located at Trengganu Road that not only offers charcoal-heated Mookata, but also traditional Thai barbecue as well as Chinese-style hotpots. Moreover, make sure to try out some of their signature dishes such as Grill Thai Salted Fish, Deep-Fried Chilli Fish, Thai Naam Sausage and more.  

  1. Somkid Thai Food Corner (Prima Tanjung)

If you like home-styled Thai food, you shall not miss out Somkid Food Corner at Prima Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong. Overall, it is a casual dining place in a neighbourhood that offers various classic Thai food. Their Pad Thai is one of the most delicious dishes as it provides the maximum tasting experience with their home-made chilli sauce. Besides, their Mango Salad and Claypot Glass Noodles with Prawn are worth ordering too. 

  1. Khun Thai (Butterworth, Teluk Kumbar)

If you’re a hardcore fan of Thai food, then you’ll definitely heard about Khun Thai. Khun Thai Authentic Thai Restaurant opened its very first restaurant at Butterworth many years ago. Then, it expanded the business to Teluk Kumbar, Petaling Jaya, Kepong and even Cheras. Khun Thai serves one of the best Tom Yam in town as the taste is very satisfying with acceptable spiciness. In addition, you may enjoy all sorts of seafood, done in both Thai and Chinese styles.    

  1. Krung Thep Thai Restaurant (Lorong Selamat)

Missing the classic tastes of street food in Thailand? Get your craving satisfied at Krung Thep Thep Thai Restaurant. With a very affordable price, you will be delighted with their ala carte dishes such as Pad Thai Seafood, Pad Kra Pao (Thai basil chicken) with rice, Pineapple Fried Rice etc. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the “zhu char” style with your friends and family at this simple and casual Thai eatery too. 

  1. Chok Dee Thai (Burma Road)

Chok Dee Thai is one of the earliest Thai restaurants in Penang. Started in 2000 at Island Glades, it has then moved to its current location at Burma Road in 2008. Chok Dee Thai specializes in Bangkok-style cuisines which feature a balanced-flavor of sweet, spicy, sour and salty. Their signature dishes include Deep-fried pork knuckle (must-try), Pandan Chicken, and of course, no exception for their Tom Yam. Although the price is a little higher, you get what you pay for.  

  1. Thai Shop (Hutton Road)
Posted by Thai Shop on Friday, 8 November 2019

Thai Shop was previously located at Kimberly Street. It moved to Hutton Road in 2018 and it’s hard to miss. You will need to head over to the back of the shop to get more seats. There are no fancy dishes here but they serve one of the most authentic and classic Thai food with an affordable price. In that case, you must not miss out on their juicy Moo Ping (Thai-style grilled pork skewers) and Thai Milk Tea (made from original Thai condensed milk).

  1. Khun De Thai (Jelutong)

Khun De Thai is a humble Thai restaurant located at Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, at Jelutong area. Then, they have now expanded to 2 other branches, which are at Gurney Paragon and Summerskye Square, Bayan Lepas. Khun De offers a wide range of Thai cuisines that are able to satisfy your tastebuds. Though they have more than 60 items to choose from, make sure you get to try some of their signature dishes. For instance, Prawn Sashimi with Spicy Sauce, Miang Pa, Fried Egg Otak Seafood, Deep Fried Fish with Mango Kerabu and more.      

  1. Chèrn Kâ By Lei Ya Thaiboat (Lebuh Tye Sin)

Chern Ka By Lei Ya Thaiboad is a new Thai restaurant located at Lebuh Tye Sin. It offers quite a big range of Thai cuisine with a budget-friendly pricing. Their Moo Ping are nicely grilled with a “char” scent. Moreover, their Fried Basil Leaf Pork and Thai Coconut Chicken are worth giving it a try too for Thai food lovers. At Chern Ka, you get to taste the original taste of Thai Milk Tea too, of course. 

  1. Boat Noodle (Queensbay Mall)

Inspired by the flavourful street food at the back lorong of Bangkok, Boat Noodle opened its first outlet in Malaysia in March 2014. With more than 50 outlets in Malaysia, the business is still expanding. Boat Noodle is a delicate dish originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya. The speciality of Boat Noodle in Queensbay Mall is that it’s very small portion that you may take more than 4 bowls. , you may even order different flavours with different types of noodle!  

  1. Wang Thai Restaurant

Last but not least, Wang Thai Restaurant could fulfill your demand for authentic Thai food too. With two branches in Pulau Tikus and All Seasons Place respectively, Wang Thai offers various chioces of traditional Thai cuisine. Meanwhile, it is also a place to enjoy the “zhu char” style of Thai food. Likewise, some of the most-ordered dishes include Kar Moo Tod (deep fried pork leg), DIY dish of Meing Kum (leaf wrap appetizer), and Gaeng Keow Wan Gai (green curry chicken).

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