Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang

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Adopting vegetarian diets offers a number of benefits. For example, lesser risks of diseases and cancers, reduce pollution, and show animal compassion. Even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, you should try out some of these vegetarian restaurants in Penang. 

Sushi Kitchen

This is definitely the perfect place for a vegetarian Japanese cuisine. Sushi Kitchen is a small chain of vegan Japanese restaurants. It serves vegan sushi, hand rolls, ramen, and even tempura. It is able to bring you an authentic Japanese experience. Besides, they are also serious in providing healthy food in a healthy environment.    

Blue Vegan Restaurant

Blue is a fully vegan restaurant in George Town. They offer fusion food and their menu features soups and salads, burgers, pasta, desserts and even non-alcoholic vegan wine. On a side note, Blue doesn’t have the five ingredients (garlic, onion, shallots, leeks and chives) on their menu. These are known in some Buddhist sects as “the five pungent spices” and are forbidden. They are believed to lead to anger if eaten raw and passion if eaten cooked.

Pinxin Vegan

Pinxin Vegan is another 100% vegan restaurant which focuses on healthy plant-based cuisine. They offer Western delights, hot pot and even local street food. Pinxin’s menu features burgers, spaghetti, asam laksa, jawa mee, rendang curry rice and more. Pinxin uses homemade noodles and all-natural ingredients to prepare nutritious and cruelty-free food with their motto of  “food made with love”.

Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant

Woodlands Vegetarian Thali vegetarian Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang Woodlands

Woodlands serves excellent vegetarian Indian cuisine. It is a pure vegetarian Indian restaurant that serves different types of dishes from time to time. With a simple home cooked style of dining, you may enjoy a good thali (traditional meal with assorted dishes served on a round platter), thosai, and chapati at a reasonable price.


Idealite is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Penang. It is a wholesome vegetarian fusion restaurant with a health-focused menu. Idealite serves rice bowls, bento boxes, ramen and vegetarian sushi. They also listed the health benefits of the ingredients in each dish on their menu.

Evergreen Vegetarian House

Evergreen Vegetarian House with buffet-style dishes vegetarian Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang evergreen 1 1 1 1024x767

With over 30 vegetarian dishes, Evergreen Vegetarian House is a buffet-style vegetarian house where you can load up your own plate. The menu features mostly Chinese-style cuisine. Meanwhile, the price is usually quite reasonable for the quantity of food that you piled on your plate. Some of their dishes include veggie curry, tofu, fried noodles and dumplings.

Chang Yen Vegetarian Food

Outlook of Chang Yen Vegetarian Food vegetarian Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang 6004431 T1tbty8rkdb3Kn7qNgUX0tkbQFOX Zg2II0UlD pecM

Chang Yen Vegetarian Food is another buffet-style vegetarian restaurant. It is one of the best self-service and canteen-style vegetarian eateries. The menu features over 25 dishes where you can simply choose your favourites and proceed to the cashier. Though parking may be a little difficult here, their Jawa Mee and vegetarian pay are certainly worth the try too.

The Leaf Healthy House Cafe

Posted by The Leaf Healthy House on Sunday, 17 May 2020

The Leaf Healthy House Cafe is one of the best cafes to enjoy healthy and natural vegetarian cuisine. It is also one of the favorites for many veggie lovers and vegetarians. The atmosphere is casual and bright. Their menu is very extensive which features both Eastern and Western dishes. They offer spaghetti, brown rice, noodle, sides, desserts and more.

Wholey Wonder

Using whole ingredients, Wholey Wonder is a cafe that serves plant-based whole food in Penang that incorporates a yoga studio in the space upstairs. It’s a vegan eatery that serves pizza, snacks, coffee, tea, smoothies, cold pressed juices and Instagram-worthy desserts. Though the choices are limited, they give their best in serving the fews that they offer. 

Brown Poodle Cafe

Brown Poodle Cafe is a petite cafe in Midland Park that serves primarily vegetarian cuisine, vegan cakes and specialty coffee. The cafe is small and can only host up to 16 people maximum at once. The dishes are slightly pricey but they will surprise you with how delicious they taste!

Yi Ke Shu

A colorfu🌈l joy of Vegan Farmes Mushroom Don (纯素百菇丼饭) only at Yi Ke Shu. Served with: Avocado🥑🥑🥑 Black Fungus with…

Posted by Yi Ke Shu一棵树 RELAU on Saturday, 26 October 2019

Yi Ke Shu, means ‘one tree’. It is a vegan-friendly cafe that is located at both Relau and Tanjung Bungah. It is famous for their healthy and fresh vegetarian cuisines. Their food is being served with fresh and quality ingredients. On a side note, the atmosphere is cozy and green which is suitable for small gatherings.

Journey 2 Life

Journey 2 Life at Bay Avenue vegetarian Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang IMG 1334 1024x682 1

Journey 2 Life at Bay Avenue serves healthy vegetarian food. The place has a quite unique setting which provides a harmony atmosphere to the dining area. With an affordable price, you may enjoy their menu that features starters, mains and even desserts.

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