Burgers That You Must Savour in Penang

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Burgers are favourable by almost everyone ranging from childs, adults, to the old ones. Are you a burger lover too? If yes, do you know the origin of burger? Well, the name “hamburger” comes from the seaport town of Hamburg, Germany. So, it is where the 19th-century sailors brought back the idea of raw shredded beef after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia. I believe most Malaysians love burgers very much. No matter burgers from McDonald’s or just roadside Ramly Burger, these list of burgers in Penang would definitely satisfy your taste buds and tummy!

  1. Alamak
Posted by Alamak – Trendy Mamak Stall on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Alamak is a trendy mamak stall concept cafe. Their burger is known as the cheesiest burger in Penang. This signature burger’s name is Melt Cheese Burger. The chicken patty is marinated in the chef’s secret sauce and tops it off with melted Mozzarella cheese. You’re gonna enjoy stretching the cheese! Besides, they just launched a new burger, Giant Fish Burger with Fizzi Combo! This is a huge portion of fish fried until golden crispy topped with Alamak’s special sauce and paired with french fries.   

  1. Brown Poodle

Brown Poodle is a vegetarian eatery operated by Starz Band whose music academy is located upstairs. Besides serving western delights, pizzas, rice and noodle dishes, they offer a wide selection of burgers too. The menu features Black Poodle Burger Platter, Brown Poodle Burger Platter, Poodle at Beach Soy Fish Burger and more. On a side note, all burgers come with fries!

  1. Burger Ayam Goreng Njoy


Posted by Burger Ayam Goreng NJoy on Thursday, 19 September 2019

Njoy is a burger stall located at Batu Maung. It could be considered as the “King of Burger Stalls” in Penang. As its name suggests, “Burger Ayam Goreng”, Njoy uses crispy ayam goreng as their patties. The breaded crispy fried chicken patty is so juicy and best paired with their homemade gravy. In addition, they also serve juicy lamb and beef burgers.

  1. Burger Society

Burger Society is a pork-free restaurant located at the corner shoplot in the intersection between Leith Street and Chulia Street. Their menu consists of out of the ordinary burgers with some Asian influences. Moreover, Burger Society offers a wide variety of burgers ranging from chicken, beef, fish and even vegetarian patty. For instance, their signatures include Golden Cereal Fried Chicken, Moopy, Eggcellent and more. 

  1. Charlie’s Burger

Visit Charlie’s and you’re sure to return 🍔

Posted by Charlie’s Burgers on Friday, 25 August 2017

Charlie’s Burger is located at Batu Ferringhi. Uncle Charlie has been making burgers for over 30 years. His lamb burgers and jumbo hotdogs are bestsellers. Besides having variety tastes of burgers, the other selling point of Charlie’s Burger is that the burgers are reasonably priced and very filling.  

  1. Dandy Modern Food

Dandy Modern Food is an all-day casual eatery that offers modern Mediterranean and fusion dishes to pastries and desserts. Their menu features a wide range of selections such as salad, sandwiches, wrap & pita, burger & fries, pizza, pasta, rice, roast & grill and more! Some of their recommended burgers include The Mighty, Summer at The Sea, and Inferno Spicy Burger.

  1. Flip Burger

Flip Burger is a modern burger restaurant with American concept. Having one store at Gurney Paragon and another store at Queensbay Mall, Flip Burger’s menu covers a variety of burgers that offer quality and juicy meats. In addition, their burgers also come with fresh ingredients, savoury sauces, cheese with classic buns. Their signatures include Flip Burger, Cannon, Spicy Korean, and Furippu Katsu Baga.  

  1. Hillside Uncle’s Burger
Posted by Lucas TeohBz on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Hillside Uncle’s Burger has been selling over 30 years. A Chinese old couple operates the business decades ago. Located across the food court at Tanjung Bungah, this burger stall is famous for their huge pile of pan-fried golden brown onions on the burger. If you’re an onion lover, you definitely gonna love their burger so much.

  1. Junk Cafe

Junk Cafe is located at Chulia Street. This hipster cafe is decorated with antique and provides a rustic and vintage vibe. They are famous for their homemade burger, coffee and cocktail. For instance, they offer tender beef burgers, chicken, fish and even slow-roasted lamb burgers. 

  1. Let’s Meat

Let’s Meat is an American-inspired restaurant located in the neighbourhood of Lembah Permai at Tanjung Bungah. Its menu features a wide selection of dishes ranging from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Their mains include rice bowls, pastas, wraps, sandwiches and more. Besides their Blackened Fish Burger, you can also build your own burgers that are served with greens and fries. For instance, you can choose your favourite patties such as Pork, Beef Tenderloin, and Grilled Chicken Breast. 

  1. Macallum Connoisseurs

Macallum Connoisseurs is the largest cafe in Penang. It is a place that combines coffee roastery, coffee academy, restaurant and gelato. Being one of the pioneer cafes in Penang, Macallum roasts their own coffee beans and serves one of the best coffee in Penang. Meanwhile, their menu also features breakfasts, pastas, western grilled, burgers and even desserts. Their Pork Insanity Burger with Wedges / Sweet Potato Fries is definitely worth a try as the homemade pork patty is really juicy and succulent.  

  1. Man Burger Sungai Dua
Posted by Man Burger Sungai Dua on Saturday, 25 May 2019

Man Burger is located in front of the McDonald’s at Sungai Dua. Their speciality is that they swap out vegetables with coleslaw. Having a variety of burgers, Man Burger also serves oblong beef and oblong mutton. Although it’s a bit hard to look for parking, it is one of the best roadside burgers in Penang you should try out.

  1. Old Trafford Burger
Posted by Food By Vlog – FBV on Monday, 29 June 2020

Old Trafford Burger is a burger stall located at Chulia Street. It is named after the Manchester United stadium. Anyway, the locals usually call it “Chulia Street Burger”. They offer a variety of choices of patty including chicken, lamb, beef, fish and even rabbit. Besides, sides such as fries and wedges as well as hot dogs are also available. In fact, some of the locals claim that it’s one of the juiciest burgers in Penang.

  1. Pos Burger

As its name suggests, Pos Burger is located across the Jelutong Pos Office. They offer a wide selection of burgers and hotdogs. For instance, the patties include chicken, beef, lamb and fish. Pos Burger is famous for their “wet burgers” as the thick amounts of margarine and gravy spread on the bread. Hence, you got to enjoy the soft and juicy bursts in your mouth.

  1. Rics Burger

Started its business in 2013, Rics Burger is famed for their specialty pork burger. Now, they have expanded to more outlets with more burger options. Their menu ranges from Original Pork Burger to Super Mario, and The Little Catch (fried fish fillet). You may also go for their Combos which are inclusive of a side and a drink to enhance your burger experience. 

  1. Smojo Fried Chicken

Inspired by the American culture, Smojo specializes in serving American style fried chicken. Their chickens are really authentic. Apart from chicken burgers, they also make fresh-beef burger patties too. Served with cheese, onion and lettuce, it’s definitely a perfect match with fries and coke.

  1. Spade’s Burger

After years of establishment, the charcoal black bun had become the trademark for Spade’s Burger. Besides, they also specialize in serving handmade patties and a wide selection of unique sauces. Having a wide range of burgers with different patties, you may also add a few ringgit to enjoy a set. The portion is very satisfying and definitely one of the best burgers in Penang.

  1. Street Grill Burger Bakar

DELIVERY AVAILABLE!! ” BURGER GRILL DI SALUT CHEESE MELELEH!!” Pesanan di hujung JARI anda.. Tekan dan pesan, kami…

Posted by Street Grill (Burger Bakar Penang) on Friday, 24 April 2020

Located in front of Honda Showroom at Jalan Sungai Pinang, Street Grill Burger Bakar is a local food truck that uses juicy chicken thighs as their patties. The executive chef marinates and homemade the patties with a secret recipe. In addition, if you’re a cheese fan, just add RM2 and they will melt and pour a bed of cheese onto your burger.

  1. The BRGR

Aspiration of bringing people with burgers from all over the world, The BRGR is a burger joint that serves juicy and tender burgers. Taking the inspirations from cities around the world as well as our local flavours, the burgers come with different flavours. For instance, Korean Spicy Grill Chicken, Thai Tomyam Chicken, Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken and more. 

  1. TOM’S Burger

Tom’s Burger started as a burger truck at Lorong Chulia. Besides, it now has a shop at Jalan Chow Thye. Their burgers are classic and at a very affordable price. In addition, a set comes with fries and coke too. You can even order pasta if you want to have something different. Their signatures include Cheese Burger, Ninja Tom, Super Black Tom and more.

  1. Uncle Shake Burger
Posted by Uncle shake’s Burger on Monday, 22 June 2020

Uncle Shake Burger is a burger stall located at Gelugor. Although it’s lowkey, the burgers are really mouthwatering. It serves Ramly burgers, which are the popular Malaysian-style burger where the patty is covered with egg. Besides, they also offer oblong burgers (rectangular shaped burgers) and tender lamb.

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