Editorial Policy

Scapes has a commitment to ensure all editorial content published is factually accurate, balanced, ethical and well researched. Our aim is to provide positive and engaging content that does not belittle  or demean any individual or groups.

The Scapes creates content that informs  and offers recommendations to its audience. We write about the relevant information about living in a city that we believe our audience will be interested in. 

We only work with like-minded businesses that practice values that are similar to ours. Because we aim to practice good business policy, we’ll always let you know when we are including any content from one of our sponsors.


Articles may be updated after the initial date and time of publication to include comment from sources. Previously published articles may also be updated to include new research, information, product or releases.

Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest

The Scapes do not encourage quid pro quo, or the exchange of money or gifts for a source’s cooperation with a story.

If the Scapes stands to earn revenue from any content, a transparent disclosure notice is included in the content. 

Last updated Nov 6, 2020.


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