Ethical & Sustainable Malaysia brands To Know About

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As there are more people becoming conscious of sustainability, brands are starting to adjust their brand directions towards a more sustainable objective.

Sustainability in terms of products isn’t only about saving the environment, but sustainable in terms of human lives, assisting the local community and many more that helps our surroundings.

If you want to play your part in terms of sustainability, here are some brands, or slow fashion to look for in Malaysia.

Biji Biji

Biji Biji is an ethical fashion label that respects the environment. They are committed to pushing the boundaries and curate change in the fashion industry by transforming the alternative into the norm with their handmade fashion accessories and apparels. Their materials are selected meticulously from a range of industries, including those foreign and unique to the fashion world before transforming them into beautiful, functional, and timeless designs.

Their products are intentionally made using materials recovered at their end-of-life stage from a range of industries such as faulty seat belt webbing from the car manufacturing industry, deadstock vintage kimono from the Japanese textile manufacturing industry, tarpaulin banners from the advertising industry, and needle punch carpet from the event industry. 


Muni may look like a regular fashion product due to its minimalism concept, but what is unique is that they uses natural dye for their products’ colour.

Compared to using chemical dye which could be much easier and cheaper, Muni focuses on using dyes that are made from plants. And little that you can imagine is although it come from plants, it is not commercially planted to make the dye. Instead, it is made from collected dead leaves, barks, fruit skins and other parts of the nature.

We simply love its concept of minimalism, and yet full of magnanimous idea for the world.

Earth Heir

Earth Heir offers accessories like bags and jewellery handmade by over 100 artisans from refugee groups, indigenous tribes, and women’s cooperatives across Malaysia. 

They began with an appreciation for craftspeople and artisans, who spend years honing and perfecting their skills to create their finest art pieces.

By blending design, fair trade principles, training and enterprise, Earth Heir aims to raise the value and revival of heritage craftsmanship. 

Being part of the World Fair Trade Organisation, they are also transparent with their pricing and reinvest the majority of their profits to support the artisans and groups they serve. 


In 2019, the founders of Xiapism rediscovered the natural dye method using tannin pigment from the mangroves to create their products. Their products are created using 100% natural dye as they believe in allowing the nature taking its course, telling the story of a forgotten colour.


INKAA strive to create beautiful products by collaborating with artisans in Malaysia, while promoting the voice of selected artisans to their clients. Every one of their products is hand-signed by its maker and their individual stories are told on their website. The partners with marginalised communities and local artisans to produce all of their products, ensuring fair wages. We love how this Malaysian brand is committed to honouring artisans while preserving Malay heritage and culture.

It is a brand that celebrates people, and appreciates the power of storytelling. 


At Sayang, the makers strive to be mindful at every step of the process, from design, sourcing, production, up until the packaging the customers receive.  Having mindful practices allow them to take a closer look into their existing industry and systems, and to discover new ways to be environmentally and socially conscience.   

With each season, Sayang’s aim is to expand their world in a way that is most natural and authentic to who they are.  The idea for Sayang was borne from a desire to create pretty, elegant pieces, but it has since become much more than that.

Sayang place a strong preference in natural fibres, including their labels and hang tags are made from post-consumer waste and are carefully printed in eco-friendly soy ink.  

The road towards sustainability is a long process, but they aim to strive to discover all the possible ways in contributing positively towards the industry as a whole.

There are definitely much more brands in Malaysia that creates impact for the environment and community which we have yet to cover all. Feel free to share with us if you know any of them.

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