Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery

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Our earlier generations used to enjoy their traditional kopi-o on a daily basis. Today, specialty coffee drinking is now an all-day activity. It is not only drinking the same coffee from the same type of coffee beans. It can vary from different type of beans, from different locations, how it is washed, how it is roasted, and the way it is processed up to the way it is brewed can affect the taste of the coffee. Both international brands and domestic brands has cultivated the coffee drinking culture. In Malaysia, the coffee culture has become more and more popular among the younger generation, especially those who have studied overseas. 

Coffee Beans Roasting Process at Ang Ang's Roastery coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 2
Roasting process of the coffee beans.

Ang Ang’s Roastery was established in 2018. The founders are a pair of 90s twin brothers. They have returned from the United States and decided to introduce foreign coffee culture to their hometown. 

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 23 1 1024x575
Display fridge is full with cakes and pastries.

“Ang Ang” is literally the surname of the founders. The cafe is located at a relatively quiet location from the city centre of Bukit Mertajam. Deeply influenced by the American culture, the founders emphasize in creating a comfortable environment and casual atmosphere for their customers to work and have great coffee at the same time.

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 25

“We keep improving the taste of coffee and make our own pastries in order to cater to the locals’. Besides, we also hope that more people could come to visit and explore Bukit Mertajam.”

Head Roaster of Ang Ang’s Roastery, Rayon

The Interior

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 7 1024x684
The furnitures are mostly made from light-theme wood.

Ang Ang’s Roastery is designed in Scandinavian style. It focuses on clean, simple lines, minimalism and functionality. It is a modern style that took hold in America and Europe which is aesthetically pleasing. The walls painted in light, muted colours help keep the space bright. Besides, with light-theme wood as their furniture and a touch of greenery to bring in some life, the cafe’s decor is kept to a minimum. Both upstairs and downstairs of the cafe maximize natural light which makes the entire space feel uniform and bright. 

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 5 1024x684
The bakery is an open-kitchen concept.

In addition, there is a wide L-shaped marble bar which allows customers to have a conversation with the barista while watching the brewing process of the coffee or tea. The width of the bar is just perfect for customers to interact with the barista, yet still have their own privacy at the same time.    

The Menu

The menu focuses on beverages especially their espresso coffee and filter coffee. Furthermore, they also serve tea, non-caffeine drinks, pastries and sandwiches too. Some of their signature homemade pastries include Burnt Cheesecake and Matcha Mousse Cake. Nevertheless, the price range between RM5.00 to RM19.00 is wallet-friendly.

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 9 1024x684
Burnt Cheesecake
coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 14
Matcha Mousse Cake

Diners got to see how the roasting process works in their roastery. Aside from drinking a good cup of coffee at Ang Ang’s Roastery, they also make their own pastries. In addition, diners could enjoy watching the baking process too as it is an open-kitchen concept.   

coffee roastery Food Stories: Ang Ang’s Roastery AngAng 30 1024x683
Filter coffee
Want to know more? Watch the video for full story.

The Info

Address: 48, Lorong Seri Alma, Taman Selesa, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

Business hours: Daily 10.00am – 12.00am

Contact: 04-548 0616, Facebook, Instagram

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