Food Stories: Cafe De Ohana

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Cafe De Ohana is a dog-friendly cafe that can accommodate small to medium breed canines. Ohana is a Hawaiian term meaning “family”, hence, the cafe hopes to create a warm, homey and cozy atmosphere. 

Moreover, pets are not just a source of entertainment or an addition to the household, but they are actually our family. You can’t deny the reality that there is a special bond between dogs and pet owners. Thus, it is easy to see why dogs have been dubbed “man’s best friend”.

penang cafe Food Stories: Cafe De Ohana CafeDeOhana 5

“As dog lovers and also having 8 dogs as pets, we uphold the spirit of loving dogs and also want to promote healthy eating among fidos.”

Co-founders of Cafe De Ohana, Junyang and Jia Wen

Emphasizing on the importance of providing healthy dog food, they adhere to the use of natural ingredients and handmade dog food. Furthermore, the co-founders are equipped with relevant knowledge through prior experience and training overseas.

The Interior

The entire interior focuses on clean, simple lines, minimalism and functionality. The wall painted in light, muted colours and light-theme wood as their furniture on the second floor provide a pleasant and relaxed environment. Customers are requested to take off their shoes to enter the upper floor in order to ensure hygiene. 

Besides, the ground floor is designed in a modern and simple style. Part of the dining area is decorated with picnic style and some antique which make the corner Instagrammable. In short, the cafe is separated into 2 spaces: ground floor is opened to diners while the upper floor is meant for fidos and dog lovers to mingle. 

penang cafe Food Stories: Cafe De Ohana CafeDeOhana 18 1024x683
Some of the antiques placed at the corner for decoration.

The Menu

Cafe De Ohana’s menu covers rice bowl, spaghetti and freshly baked tartlet. Some of the best-sellers are Tri-colour Chicken Rice Bowl (stir fried chicken cubes with soy sauce, stir fried cabbage, julienned omelette), Tonkatsu Rice with Chicken, Spicy Salmon Rice Bowl, Spicy Asian Style Spaghetti, Carbonara Spaghetti and more. Meanwhile, Oreo Milo and Strawberry Creamy Fruity are their signature beverages.

In addition, there is also a healthy menu specifically crafted for dogs. Cafe De Ohana also plans to curate more healthy food for dogs with the use of Chinese medicine as ingredients in the future. 

Watch the video to get to know more!

The Info

Address: 302A, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, South Home, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Business hours: Wednesday – Monday 11.00am – 9.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Contact: 04-305 2564, Facebook, Instagram

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