Malaysia’s fitness influencers to follow for workout inspiration at home

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Instagram has been one of the most suitable platforms for people to look for motivations and inspirations for fitness lifestyle. Here, we have listed 8 accounts for you to follow on Instagram as their posts would be able to encourage you to achieve your fitness goals in terms of physical and nutrition.

Joanna Soh

Joanna is a certified trainer and nutrition coach. As one of the Asia’s leading fitness YouTuber, Joanna carries a bright and bubbly characteristic. With 1.7million of subscribers, she constantly shares her workout videos, meal plans and tips on building a positive image on her YouTube Channel. Besides, she is also the creator of Fio App, an app that cares about your body, mind and nutrition.

Nana Al Haleq

Nana is one of the top fitness model and motivator in Malaysia. She is a wellness celebrity coach and an athlete for UnderArmourMY. Her feed is fulled with photos of her abs, videos of her working out, ideas for Malaysian-inspired healthy meals the best gym attire and OOTDs you can get inspired by. On top of that, Nana is also a Fitness TV host.

Robyn Lau

Robyn is a yoga instructor based in KL. She spent 14 years of her yoga journey exploring Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. As a qualified yoga and sports medicine trainer, she is determined to help empower others through yoga and physiology of the human body. Robyn began teaching in 2015 and has since conduct workshops, retreats and classes across Southeast Asia.

Jessica Ong

As one of the first to bring rhythm cycling to Malaysia, Jess continues her passion for “dancing on a bike” which makes her a rhythm cycling instructor. Jess is a registered yoga teacher and a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer.

Teo Yi Ping

Yi Ping is a creator of full-body booty popping classes. Her headstrong nature played a part in her successful career pivot from a public relation specialist to a fitness instructor, creating her own brand of workout named BootyPopping. She can also be found in leasing Flycycle spin classes and presiding over hi-energy boxing session.

Jordan Yeoh

As the No.1 most influential fitness personality in Southeast Asia, Jordan is a fitness YouTuber and also a certified trainer. His YouTube Channel has 2.2million of subscribers. Jordan was then a skinny kid who loves to drink and party a lot. He started working out 5 times a week and start eating right at the age of 22. A few years later, he saw massive improvements in his health and outlook. Jordan is awarded the first ever “Best Hunk” in The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia 2011. The greatest part in Jordan’s journey is being able to influence million of people around the world to get fitter and healthier.

Hansen Lee

With the boy-next-door look, Hansen came from that ‘Muscle Head’ backgrounders and had been lifting weights for 20 years. He then started yoga about 10 years ago after hurting his back. His chiropractor recommended him to do yoga. He did, and it helped alleviate the pain and reduce the discomfort. Hansen has been practicing yoga every since. Besides teaching yoga, he is also an occasional emcee and host at fashion and lifestyle events.

Faiz Ariffin

Faiz is a fitness enthusiast whom has been actively involved in the health and fitness industry since 2010. If you’ve always yearned for a muscular bodybuilder figure, you should follow Faiz, a world-class bodybuilding athlete. With his charisma and willpower, he is the brand ambassador for UnderArmour and Air Asia. His feed is a mix of detailed workouts and meal preps. Faiz even started his very own activewear brand, FZGEAR.

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