Relieve stress with plants and greens

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As 2020 comes to an end in approximately two months time, we have experienced a rather stressful year with the whole world struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak not only created a fear of health hazard; but also economical and mental concerns. Layoffs by some companies caused many people to be jobless. Those who work from home have to balance the struggle of managing both work as well as their families. Being locked up at home for weeks and months just adds more stress to ourselves.

monstera leaf in front of a wooden background plants Relieve stress with plants and greens monstera warung 1 1024x1024

Many people have resorted to different types of activities in hopes of reducing their stress and growing positive vibes in their home. You can guess it, plants are considered as one of the alternate forms of therapy that could help us relieve stress and anxiety.

And that, the experts called it horticultural therapy.

What is horticultural therapy?

Horticultural therapy can be formally defined as the professional practice of using plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health.

Certified horticultural therapists work with patients from different ages and backgrounds to help them improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills and socialisation. In physical rehabilitation, horticultural therapy can help strengthen muscles and improve coordination, balance and endurance.

monstera adansonii on a block of stone at George Town's heritage shophouse plants Relieve stress with plants and greens monstera warung3 1 1024x1024

Horticultural therapy techniques vary from simple activities such as walking through the garden or park, learning how to arrange flowers, watering the plants. Or it could be a gardening activity that needs more involvement such as planting your own garden, experimenting with propagation or pruning and wiring to craft bonsai.

leaves of a young monstera borsigiana or swiss cheese plant plants Relieve stress with plants and greens monstera warung2 1 1024x1024

Want to know more about plants and gardening, follow this section of the Scapes and we will explore more about plants, gardens and how to make our place greener.

The writer is a part-time gardener who loves to explore with plants and drinks. If you like to see more of his plants, you can visit his instagram account @_thirstygardener

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