ICYMI: Taiwan’s Eslite Spectrum To Debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill in 2022

Just in case if you miss the news, Taiwan’s famous bookstore that has turned into a lifestyle store, Eslite Spectrum will make its debut in Southeast Asia in year 2022. Eslite Group has signed a tenancy agreement with YTL Land & Development Berhad to be an anchor tenant in Bukit Bintang’s luxury shopping mall The Starhill.

bookstore ICYMI: Taiwan’s Eslite Spectrum To Debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill in 2022 eslite spectrum 1
Image via Eslite Spectrum

In a joint statement, Eslite group chairperson Mercy Wu said by establishing the new flagship branch in Kuala Lumpur, their first store in Southeast Asia, Eslite is committed to becoming an influential platform for the cultural and creative industry.

“Eslite Spectrum seeks to be a venue with a rich selection of Chinese, English and Malay language books, as well as music, design and handmade goods, performing arts, themed restaurants and coffee shops, lifestyle brands, and diverse cutting-edge cultural and creative brands.

“The focus will be on showcasing the dynamism and vibrant energy of cross-cultural and creative exchange between Malaysia and Taiwan,” she said.

bookstore ICYMI: Taiwan’s Eslite Spectrum To Debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill in 2022 eslite spectrum 2
Image via Eslite Spectrum

Named ‘Asia’s Best Bookstore’ by Time magazine and ‘The World’s Coolest Bookstore’ by CNN, Eslite Spectrum in Taiwan is a cultural icon and a must-see shopping destination for bookworms.

The partnership between Eslite Group and YTL Land & Development Berhad will see Eslite Spectrum taking up the entire Level 1 of the Starhill which is approximately 70,000 square feet.

bookstore ICYMI: Taiwan’s Eslite Spectrum To Debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill in 2022 eslite spectrum 3
Image via Eslite Spectrum

Mercy Wu, who is also the daughter of the Eslite Group founder said “We are excited about embarking on this journey in Kuala Lumpur, as Malaysians have been Taiwan’s top tourist segment from Southeast Asia for 10 consecutive years and are strong supporters of our stores in Taiwan.”

“My father once said, ‘Eslite’s ultimate concern is people, and the most beautiful scenery of a city is its people,” she adds.

bookstore ICYMI: Taiwan’s Eslite Spectrum To Debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill in 2022 eslite spectrum 4
Image via Eslite Spectrum

Can’t wait until 2022 for Eslite Spectrum to arrive in Southeast Asia? We are anxious too!

City Guide

Checkout the beautiful Christmas decor in malls around Malaysia

It is Christmas time again, and though we may not have the opportunity to travel, we may enjoy the good vibes locally at the shopping malls.

The malls around our city have begin decorating their premises and there is always this sense of excitement to experience the seasonal vibes with a good photo for our social media.

But always remember to keep ourselves safe and practice social distancing.

Here’s the beautiful decorations of some of the shopping malls around Malaysia that we have curated this year.

Sunway Pyramid
KL East Mall
Mid Valley Megamall
1 Utama
The Gardens Mall
Suria KLCC
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Berjaya Times Square
Gurney Plaza, Penang
Queensbay Mall, Penang
Aman Sentral, Kedah

Which shopping mall decoration is your most favourite of all?

Food + Drinks

Make your year-end a blast with the Deadset Arvo pop-up dining by Chef Joeri

If you are looking for an awesome dining experience with a good-looking chef to end the year, you must consider to try Deadset Arvo. It is a pop-up dining series by Dutch chef, Joeri Timmermans who have the experience from his time in the kitchens of David Chang’s Momofuku Seiōbo and Automata in Sydney before becoming head chef of Blackwattle in Singapore.

restaurant Make your year-end a blast with the Deadset Arvo pop-up dining by Chef Joeri Deadset Arvo 1024x1024
Image via Joeri Timmersman Instagram

He had already concluded a couple of pop-up within Malaysia, and this time around in December, he is collaborating with New World Petaling Jaya Hotel with a blend of Eastern and Western cuisines for three days.

The pop-up will be held from 11-13 December at the hotel’s Residence Club Living Room at Level 29. Besides enjoying the good food of Chef Joeri, the diners will be treated to eclectic pairings curated by Ngie Kok Kiong, PJ’s Bar & Grill’s mixologist.

Make sure you’ve done making the bookings on these dates:

11 & 12 December | 7pm onwards RM550 nett per person

13 December | 12pm onwards RM550 nett per person

For more information or to make reservations, call 010-2163 810 or email

City Guide

Ten Most Popular Photos of @KualaLumpurCity For November 2020

If some of you may now know yet, @kualalumpurcity at Instagram is part of our social media tribe. Thanks to the support of our contributors, followers and the audiences, we have a fun time curating good photos of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding cities.

Therefore, we are doing a compilation of the ten most popular photos from the Kuala Lumpur City’s instagram account for the month of November 2020. We are selecting it based on the number of reach, likes and engagement.

Well, this is not a competition, so we do not rank the photos accordingly and it is in random order. And here’s the ten photos, enjoy.

Desy Wulandari

Made popular by street art, this streets near to Bukit Bintang was one of the dark and dirty alleys. Now it has turned so colourful, bright and full of positive vibes that so many Malaysians and tourists just have to be there for a good Instagram photo.


Looks like it is from a science fiction movie, which only the photographer knows which part of the city this exactly belongs at.

Aereon Wong

We will never grow bored of such a view of our beautiful city; showcasing our skyscrapers, towers, and development.

Adam Eusoff

Scenes of the city can be interesting, snapping photos and putting the moving cars at still in a photo. Sometimes we’ll never know what we snap until we view it carefully. As Forrest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, we’ll never know what we get.”


Simply a different perspective of the Batu Caves’ colourful stairs. Never thought that a shot using a drone from up above can be interesting.

Syafiq Jasni

Another shot showing off our amazing city, and its nightscape. A little bit of editing and tweaking it makes it perfect!

Fariz Baron

We can’t wait for the new skyscraper to be fully operational. Our city, lovely.


We can’t have concrete jungle all throughout our city, we still need the green lungs to still function and maintain the air quality. It is all about sustainable development.

Fahmy Remy

We find Kuala Lumpur perfect as it is with the preservation of the older parts of the city. The old buildings sure have a lot of stories to tell us.


Looking at the three tall ones at Kuala Lumpur City, admiring the beauty with a perfect skyline.

Our team simply enjoy curating awesome photos of cities. We hope this photos will share the good vibes to every one of our readers; and let us pass it on to the people around us.

Style Sustainability

Ethical & Sustainable Malaysia brands To Know About

As there are more people becoming conscious of sustainability, brands are starting to adjust their brand directions towards a more sustainable objective.

Sustainability in terms of products isn’t only about saving the environment, but sustainable in terms of human lives, assisting the local community and many more that helps our surroundings.

If you want to play your part in terms of sustainability, here are some brands, or slow fashion to look for in Malaysia.

Biji Biji

Biji Biji is an ethical fashion label that respects the environment. They are committed to pushing the boundaries and curate change in the fashion industry by transforming the alternative into the norm with their handmade fashion accessories and apparels. Their materials are selected meticulously from a range of industries, including those foreign and unique to the fashion world before transforming them into beautiful, functional, and timeless designs.

Their products are intentionally made using materials recovered at their end-of-life stage from a range of industries such as faulty seat belt webbing from the car manufacturing industry, deadstock vintage kimono from the Japanese textile manufacturing industry, tarpaulin banners from the advertising industry, and needle punch carpet from the event industry. 


Muni may look like a regular fashion product due to its minimalism concept, but what is unique is that they uses natural dye for their products’ colour.

Compared to using chemical dye which could be much easier and cheaper, Muni focuses on using dyes that are made from plants. And little that you can imagine is although it come from plants, it is not commercially planted to make the dye. Instead, it is made from collected dead leaves, barks, fruit skins and other parts of the nature.

We simply love its concept of minimalism, and yet full of magnanimous idea for the world.

Earth Heir

Earth Heir offers accessories like bags and jewellery handmade by over 100 artisans from refugee groups, indigenous tribes, and women’s cooperatives across Malaysia. 

They began with an appreciation for craftspeople and artisans, who spend years honing and perfecting their skills to create their finest art pieces.

By blending design, fair trade principles, training and enterprise, Earth Heir aims to raise the value and revival of heritage craftsmanship. 

Being part of the World Fair Trade Organisation, they are also transparent with their pricing and reinvest the majority of their profits to support the artisans and groups they serve. 


In 2019, the founders of Xiapism rediscovered the natural dye method using tannin pigment from the mangroves to create their products. Their products are created using 100% natural dye as they believe in allowing the nature taking its course, telling the story of a forgotten colour.


INKAA strive to create beautiful products by collaborating with artisans in Malaysia, while promoting the voice of selected artisans to their clients. Every one of their products is hand-signed by its maker and their individual stories are told on their website. The partners with marginalised communities and local artisans to produce all of their products, ensuring fair wages. We love how this Malaysian brand is committed to honouring artisans while preserving Malay heritage and culture.

It is a brand that celebrates people, and appreciates the power of storytelling. 


At Sayang, the makers strive to be mindful at every step of the process, from design, sourcing, production, up until the packaging the customers receive.  Having mindful practices allow them to take a closer look into their existing industry and systems, and to discover new ways to be environmentally and socially conscience.   

With each season, Sayang’s aim is to expand their world in a way that is most natural and authentic to who they are.  The idea for Sayang was borne from a desire to create pretty, elegant pieces, but it has since become much more than that.

Sayang place a strong preference in natural fibres, including their labels and hang tags are made from post-consumer waste and are carefully printed in eco-friendly soy ink.  

The road towards sustainability is a long process, but they aim to strive to discover all the possible ways in contributing positively towards the industry as a whole.

There are definitely much more brands in Malaysia that creates impact for the environment and community which we have yet to cover all. Feel free to share with us if you know any of them.


8 Ways to Keep Yourself Indoors by Doing Your Grocery Shopping Online

With the dangers of Covid-19 outbreak is still out there, it is best that we try to stay indoors as much as we can. On some days you can order food deliveries, and if some days you would like to cook at home and you do not want to step out from your home to do grocery shopping, you can do it online. To a certain extend, grocery shopping might still put ourselves to some risk of the virus, or maybe we may risk of not finding what we want in the store as it is out of stock. Here are eight ways we can do our grocery shopping through the clicks of our gadgets.


Bansan Penang is the old-newbie in the E-commerce space, offering groceries directly from a third-generation farm located on Penang Island.

Their service includes providing fresh vegetables through farm-to-table within the chosen delivery date to their customers. They harvest the vegetables daily to provide vegetables to every customer at its best condition. To expand their product range, Bansan Penang also source for vegetables from other reputable suppliers.

They believe in providing families with the freshest produce from their farm through the support of their farmers. Not only do they deliver the freshest produce, but they also offer quality, peace of mind and the family bond over fresh home-cooked food.

Shop Bansan at


Tesco, already a regular grocery outlet for most families in Malaysia, it is available via online shopping for quite some time already. They definitely have a variety of products to shop for, and don’t remember to look for their promotions and offers.

Shop Tesco at


Sunshine has been a Penang local brand name since decades ago, when it begins its store as Suiwah. It has now emerged as one of the biggest grocery stores in Penang, and moreover it offers cost-efficient products for Penangites.

Despite beginning their roots in the island of Penang, they are now delivering to mainland as well.

Shop Sunshine at


If you are person who is very particular about organic foods, BMS Organics is one that offers delivery to your doorstep. With multiple chains across the nation, BMS Organics offer free shipping if you order more than RM100 and above. Not only that they offer groceries, they also sell health supplements, healthy snacks and many other organic products.

Shop BMS Organics at


Also a healthy product store, Signature Market offers products from nuts, dried fruits, powdered beverages and many other grocery items.

Shop Signature Market at


Not exactly a store itself, Happy Fresh provides services to help you buy groceries from their selected partners. Among their partners include Tesco, Mercato, Giant, Mydin, Cold Storage, Aeon and more.

Happy Fresh serves as a personal shopper for you and makes the delivery to your doorstep.

Shop Happy Fresh at


Get fresh seafood at an affordable price at MyFishman. They offer more than 50 types of fishes from the seas around Malaysia, fresh from the fisherman.

Shop MyFishman at


RedTick Plus is also another option for buying your grocery online and get the delivery to your doorstep. Other than the normal groceries, they also offer organic products as well.

Shop RedTick Plus at

What other grocery sites to you buy online? Share with us!

City Guide

Best co-working spaces in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

You’re a freelancer or starting up a business; and you do not want to bear the burden of renting one whole office? Try out co-working spaces. Not only you will save on the heavy price tag of space rental, but you get to get along with impressive communities in those co-working spaces.

We believe that co-working spaces is not only about spaces. It is about building communities, networking, helping each other in developing our respective careers.

Here are some of the best ones in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.











The Co


Common Ground


Each co-working space has its uniqueness and specialty. Tell us which one is your favourite!