Ten Most Popular Photos of @Georgetowncity for November 2020

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As we have just published the ten most popular photos of our @KualaLumpurCity instagram for November 2020, this time it is from our @GeorgeTownCity’s instagram account.

Since the CMCO in George Town, Penang has just been lifted, take this opportunity to look at some of this nice photo inspiration to plan for your next domestic travel to Penang.

Here you go, the ten popular ones.

Ken Yue

Creatively framing the tallest building in Penang, KOMTAR, using the old heritage structures in George Town City. There may be only one tall tower in the heritage city, but by snapping the photos creatively, it can always be different.


The mainland part of Penang is less tourist attractive, but who knows it can make a good site for photos as well. Do we have more nice photos from the mainland?

Yong’s Photography

A drone shot of the Pulau Tikus & Tanjung Tokong which includes the reclamation in progress. We will have a future Gurney Wharf and man-made island in the northeast of the island soon.

Nurhani Jauhar

Religious places are always an attraction in Penang, no matter which religion it is. This one is a floating mosque located at Tanjung Bunga. But before you enter, do adhere to the do’s and don’ts.


Nope, this is not the Penang bridge. It is the Prai River bridge in Butterworth. The photographer nicely snapped the photo with a beautiful sunset background.


One of the most notable buildings in George Town City, which has housed the Standard Chartered Bank for over 87 years until they moved out to make way for a co-working space.

Koay Shi Chian

This was probably shot when Penang was at the alert stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, reminding everyone to stay safe and keep social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading to others. Although it might be safer now, we still need to keep each other healthy and strong.


One of the best shots of the Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah using a drone. We love the tone and the angle that has created by the photographer.

Ming Han

Probably the highest cafe in Penang due to its location on Penang Hill, it is a nice place to sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the nature.

Acah Street

Jalan Kek Chuan has a row of traditional shophouses painted in colourful paints which is interesting enough for a good photoshoot. While some may disagree as it may not be the original colours of the buildings, it certainly has attracted many eyes.

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