Ten Most Popular Photos of @KualaLumpurCity For November 2020

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If some of you may now know yet, @kualalumpurcity at Instagram is part of our social media tribe. Thanks to the support of our contributors, followers and the audiences, we have a fun time curating good photos of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding cities.

Therefore, we are doing a compilation of the ten most popular photos from the Kuala Lumpur City’s instagram account for the month of November 2020. We are selecting it based on the number of reach, likes and engagement.

Well, this is not a competition, so we do not rank the photos accordingly and it is in random order. And here’s the ten photos, enjoy.

Desy Wulandari

Made popular by street art, this streets near to Bukit Bintang was one of the dark and dirty alleys. Now it has turned so colourful, bright and full of positive vibes that so many Malaysians and tourists just have to be there for a good Instagram photo.


Looks like it is from a science fiction movie, which only the photographer knows which part of the city this exactly belongs at.

Aereon Wong

We will never grow bored of such a view of our beautiful city; showcasing our skyscrapers, towers, and development.

Adam Eusoff

Scenes of the city can be interesting, snapping photos and putting the moving cars at still in a photo. Sometimes we’ll never know what we snap until we view it carefully. As Forrest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, we’ll never know what we get.”


Simply a different perspective of the Batu Caves’ colourful stairs. Never thought that a shot using a drone from up above can be interesting.

Syafiq Jasni

Another shot showing off our amazing city, and its nightscape. A little bit of editing and tweaking it makes it perfect!

Fariz Baron

We can’t wait for the new skyscraper to be fully operational. Our city, lovely.


We can’t have concrete jungle all throughout our city, we still need the green lungs to still function and maintain the air quality. It is all about sustainable development.

Fahmy Remy

We find Kuala Lumpur perfect as it is with the preservation of the older parts of the city. The old buildings sure have a lot of stories to tell us.


Looking at the three tall ones at Kuala Lumpur City, admiring the beauty with a perfect skyline.

Our team simply enjoy curating awesome photos of cities. We hope this photos will share the good vibes to every one of our readers; and let us pass it on to the people around us.

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